Pro Wrestling Pay-per-view Preview and Predictions: WWE Hell in a Cell

Alright this is another WWE PPV edition, Hell in a Cell and this time, someone will survive and someone will go to "Hell".

Here are the card for this Sunday:

Mistico (Blue Sin Cara) vs. Hunico (Black Sin Cara)

Alright this is another WWE PPV edition, Hell in a Cell and this time, someone will survive and someone will go to "Hell".

Here are the card for this Sunday:

Mistico (Blue Sin Cara) vs. Hunico (Black Sin Cara)

This match by far is very weird. WWE Universe is dumbfounded about the mystery of the two Sin Caras and even make Daniel Bryan very angry. So, because of this confusion by WWE, I go what they are known better by, since this would be confusing. Mist

ico (Blue Sin Cara) made his WWE debut back in April after Wrestlemania 27. As you know he wages war against some of the WWE Superstars, but this becomes a twist. At Money in the Bank PPV, Mistico suffers an injury by Sheamus and he is rolled out. Later as we thought it was Mistico returning, but soon enough, we find out it is Hunico (Black Sin Cara), a FCW developmental talent, who taken Mistico's identity as Sin Cara. Mistico fully return and everyone is getting confused. Since that time the WWE Universe is confused on who is the real Sin Cara. But things shown to light at WWE Smackdown, after Mistico defeated Heath Slater, Hunico appear on the HD titantron and claimed that Mistico took his identity and now he will take his. Apparently, Hunico is telling the truth. But that happened during their time in Mexico and the wrestling promotional CMLL and AAA. But who should win?

My prediction: This is real mind boggling, but since Mistico got the the WWE main roster first, before Hunico did and I am so confused, but I will say that Mistico will win.

Sheamus vs. Christian

So, Christian still wants a title shot, and Triple H gave it to him, because Christian said that he wanted one more time. Christian failed to do so, by losing to Mark Henry, because of Sheamus threw Christian back in the ring. So, Christian seeks revenge on Sheamus and tried to get another shot and Triple H books him in three matches, one against John Cena on RAW, which Christian lost, another against Randy Orton, which it went into a double countout, and Sheamus this Sunday. Christian screws Sheamus twice for an opportunity to become the Intercontinental Champion on RAW and Smackdown. So, will Sheamus seek revenge or will Christian tried to prevail?

My prediction: Sheamus wins this one. Because Christian is still, A CRYBABY LOSER!

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix for the WWE Divas Championship

Um...this one is boring...

My prediction: Beth Phoenix wins. If she can beat Kelly Kelly and redeem herself making an a$$ out of herself by posing in one of Alberto Del Rio's rides...

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Hell in a Cell match

Mark Henry is on a rampage and he is seeking another one to add to his Hall of Pain, and Randy Orton is the target. But, after what happened on Smackdown, Randy might survive the match. Mark Henry's Hall of Pain list includes Big Show, Kane, Sheamus, and The Great Khali. I hope that Randy does not end up being part of the list.

My prediction: Randy Orton will win and become the World Heavyweight Champion again.

John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell match

So, we are at it again, although, this time, Triple H puts them in a Hell in a Cell match, after announcing that both CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio deserved their rematches. So this is a first time that this is a triple threat Hell in a Cell match. This one will be so good, but who will survive?

My Prediction: Alberto Del Rio will be the WWE Champion again! I KNOW SO! I know that Alberto should win, because he did not held the title longer than any of the others! It's not even fair! I want Alberto win this title and last longer than five weeks.

That is all the matches I could tell you what has been posted on and I will add more on here. If you want to see the results, MegaMatt09 will have the results after the PPV. 

POSTED BY MissLindsie On 2011-09-30
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